The original design is from Jim Phillips as I explained in my first attempt at recreating his "Screaming hand" as a 3D sculpture.

Original drawing
Original design from Jim Phillips

But what I ended with back in 2013 is very far from being accurate !
Here it is just to remind you if you haven't seen it yet :

Screaming hand V1
"Screaming hand" V1 (2013)

So I completely made it again and started with a hand scan I downloaded, without being able to tell you where I got it from because it was quiet a long time ago.
The scan is very close to the original pose so it was just a matter of sculpting the details to get closer to the original 2D drawing.
And all this sculpting was done in SculptGL.

Making of
Making of "Screaming hand" V2

Once happy with the overall look, I just added ready-made teeth and a tongue downloaded from here and adapted them further before to perform fusion boolean operations.
Of course the result isn't perfect, and will never be, because making a 3D out of a 2D drawing is allways a matter of interpretation.
But I think this second version his way more true to the original.

Screaming hand V2
"Screaming hand" V2

At human scale the printing time for this sculpture is 18h57mn.
But I mistaken in scaling it so it's bigger than expected with a 23h32mn print time :

Screaming hand V2
"Screaming hand" V2 printed (with supports)

The supports were quiet hard to remove but with patience and the right tools I was able to get rid of them :

Screaming hand V2
"Screaming hand" V2 printed (without supports)