Original sculpture

This sculpture is from the artist Ottmar Hörl. I bought it many years ago.
I don't remember exactly when, but it was for sure before August 2012 because at that date I had allready scanned it and printed it.
Here is the post I wrote at that time : UP! yours

Now I'd like to print it at a 1:1 scale (36cm).
As my printer is big enough I first tried to print it in one go.
But that was a mistake !
Not only the print time calculated by Cura was 25h28mn (1 day + 1h28), but I had to stop it at 78,62mm high because most of the support structures where broken and had fallen, which for sure was going to ruin my object when time to print the overhangs will come.

Stopped print

So I decided to print it in several parts.

In order not to loose what was allready printed, I measured the height of the printed part and made an horizontal cut at that level (78,62mm).
And I added some more well choosen cuts in places where the need for supports will be minimised.
Except that I should have done one more cut just under the jacket. This was my second mistake.
Once again, one of the most important support structure detached from the bed while I thought it wasn't high enough to happen.
Not so terrible. Hopefully I should be able to melt these disgracious falling filaments back into something acceptable.

Disgracious fail

3 parts print

Dwarf print

One should allways learn from his mistakes.

If I was to print this scupture again, which I don't plan to do, this is the strategy I will follow.
I would cut it in 3 parts like this to minimize the need for supports :

3 parts print
Bottom part
Middle part
Top part

I will also introduce some keying to ease in the assembly process.
Something I should have done in the previous print.
And I will use the keys (the 2 triangles on the next image) as support structures under the biggest overhangs to save on material.

Keys as supports

I'm sure that this would have been a much better strategy.
Overall the total print time droped down from 25h28 to 16h21.
But as I said I won't print it again because I don't need another one and that I have other big prints in mind...

Dwarf duplicated

10cm print
10cm high version