If you did read my previous post, you understood how enthusiastic I was about R3F right at my 1st try.
So enthusiastic that I decided to go for the paid version.

At first look the Pro version looks exactly the same as the free version except from the apparition of a classic Windows bar at the top.
This bar let you acces all the functionalities that R3F has to offer.
Or should I say Nvil ?

Because from what I undestand R3F is is just a Nvil version.

The Nvil core engine allows you to entirely customize its UI.
You can build a complete new one if you want, with different organization, hotkeys, icons, windows, menus, etc.
And that's what R3F is : a UI for Nvil (which also seems to be the core engine behind R3F).

What that means, is that you can completely customize R3F's user interface if you like.
That's what I did...

Original R3F UI
(Default UI)

(My customized UI)

Customizing the UI is a very time consuming task !

But it's fun to do. And not only...
Doing so, you will discover what's behind the buttons, which will teach you a lot about R3F's huge and various options.
And you will memorize the tools and hotkeys better. 

So it's not only a matter of "relooking".
I added a lot of new functionalities, either as options for existing buttons or completely new ones.

Why not adding a "Create Terrain" icon for naming just a few ?

R3F Terrain

Here is a list of the customization I made.