What is Rocket3F ?

Rocket 3F (R3F for short) is a subdivision oriented modeler.
If you don't know what subdivision modeling is, please do some own research to get the idea.

Why Rocket3F ?

Because it's the easiest and most intuitive that I have ever tested.
And because it also has a very good free version.

I've been looking for a free SubD modeler for long.
There is a SU plugin that "kind of" do it, but it's quiet limited.
And anyway SU is not really a quad oriented modeler (except thru the use of "QuadFace tools" plugin), which makes it difficult to use for subdivision in mind.

First impressions

I had seen R3F when it came out but never tried it until now.
May be I was too lazy to just register and give it a try ?
Or the UI and website didn't catch my interest ? 

Whatever the reason might be... I was wrong !

So... Rocket3F now

R3F is a very easy and fast learning software as long as you know a little bit about what subdivision is, and what is a good topology workflow.
I really can't give any advice here as I am myself a beginner in this modeling process.
I have always mostly used SU but here the modeling approach is a bit different.

Netherless it's as easy to learn as SU, and the learning curve for SketchUp users shouldn't be too long.

First use

After watching and following quiet a few tutorials (I think I nearly watched them all), I started my own model.
To be honest it took me some time to get something I was pleased with because I made mistakes at the beginning.
Which is always hard to correct afterward.

Still learning...

Idix1 Idix2


You can download these little creatures for printing on my Thingiverse (and learn a bit more about them). 


I really love Rocket3F !
I probably will use it for all my soft organic projects from now on.
And maybe even inorganic ones (hard-edges).

There is a paid version that offers more functionalities like UI customization.
I might go for it...