One of the biggest environmental problem is the excess of plastic in our waste which always ends up in the oceans.
The most popular and cheapest 3D printers are using plastic filament.
PLA is biodegradable, but ABS filament isn't. And it's still the most commonly used type of plastic.
So it needs to be recycled !

Here is how I recycle my print failures...

3D PReArt is born (3D Printing Recycling Art)

CMYK 19X27
"CMYK 19X27" by Anar (ABS and PLA composition on wood)

"Dorostol" by Anar (ABS and PLA composition on brushed aluminium)

Compact Mendel Compact Mendel
Compact Mendel Compact Mendel
"Compact Mendel" by Anar (white ABS sculpture on brushed aluminium)

"Gorechto" by Anar (ABS and PLA composition on cork)

Anar inside
"Anar inside" by Anar (ABS and PLA composition on cardboard)

"Bling-bling" by Anar (ABS and PLA composition on cardboard)

Lego technics
"Lego technics" by Anar (ABS composition on cardboard)

The degenerated artist
"The degenerated artist" by Anar (ABS composition on wood)

"Anastasie" by Anar (black ABS composition on ceramic)

Ecenta Zimata
"Ecenta" and "Zimata" diptych by Anar (ABS and PLA compositions on cardboard)

Nature morte
 Nature morte
"Nature morte" by Anar (ABS, PLA and various recycled objects)

These are just a few of my "3D PReArt" creations and I hope you like them.
If you're interested in buying one just drop me a line.

And if you don't know what to do with your print failures, contact me and I will give you my adress so you can send them to me.
It will let me produce more 3D PReArt from your waste. Thanks!