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Making of "Caruso"

This is the making of "Caruso", a peacock that I made out of paper mache as a theater prop.

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3D printed Old Style Camera theater prop

Being involved in a theater play that takes place in 1920, we needed an old style camera.
After searching a real one without success, I decided to make our own by combining 3D printing, woodworking and painting.

Here is the result....

3D Printed Camera, Apr 2022

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Weedo Tina2 Dedicated part cooling fan

I had one more free unused pin on the motherboard intended for a Y max endswitch.

I decided to use it as an output pin to drive a dedicated part cooling fan. 


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Laser engraved gift

Laser cutting and engraving is a great way to produce unique gifts.

Open this gift box to discover what's inside...

Laser engraved Opinel, Feb 2022

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Stan Lee 3D print + post-processing

Many people think that FDM 3D printing is not well adapted at producing nice and detailed 3D sculptures because of the visible layers.

Let me show you here that with some post-processing (sanding and painting) you can achieve very fine detailed sculptures. 

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Weedo Tina2 Heated bed added

I wanted to do this mod since I got my Weedo Tina2 3D printer.

Thanks to my firmware hack it's now possible and it works !

Weedo Tina2 Heated bed, Feb 2022

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Weedo Tina2 Anti Z Wobbling mod

I noticed that the Weedo Tina2 3D printer has a tendency for slight Z wobbling.

So I designed a part that completely removes it which leads to much better prints. 

Weedo Tina2 Anti Z Wobbling, Feb 2022

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Weedo Tina2 filament runout detection

Having now a complete Marlin firmware opens a lot of new features.
Among them there is a filament runout detection section which I think is a feature every 3D printer should have.

So it's time to add one to my beloved Weedo Tina2.

Weedo Tina2 runout sensor, Feb 2022

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Weedo Tina2 firmware hacked

After a lot of trials and errors I finally succesfully hacked the Weedo Tina2 firmware.

Weedo Tina2 firmware hack, Feb 2022

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How accurate is your Tina2 ?

Like any other 3D printers, it's important to spend some time at calibrating your Tina2 if you want to be sure to print accurate dimensional parts.
In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to do this. Of course this calibrating procedure can also be used for any other 3D printer... and not just our beloved Tina2!

So if your printer doesn't give you accurate dimensional prints, go ahead and read further.

Weedo Tina2, Jan 2022

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Let there be light !

In my previous post I introduced you to the Weedo Tina2 3D printer on which I allready performed a few improvements.
Among them I told you that I will probably add some light inside it. Because I'd like to be able to better see my models being printed in dark situations or at night time.

So let me show you how this can be done in this very easy to follow tutorial...

Weedo Tina2, Jan 2022

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60€ 3D Printer

WTF !!!
Is this a joke ?

And what can we expect for that price ?

Let me introduce you to the Weedo Tina2 3D printer...

Weedo Tina2, Jan 2022

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Rocket3F : The Missing Tutorials Part2

In this Rocket3F tutorial I will cover Morph Target and Morph Brush.
You probably need Rocket3F Pro version to be able to follow this tutorial.

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Rocket3F : The Missing Tutorials Part1

In this Rocket3F tutorial I will cover FFD Modeling using Lattice Object.
You probably need Rocket3F Pro version to be able to follow this tutorial.

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Rocket3F : The Missing Tutorials

Rocket3F is a great subdivision modeling software but it lacks tutorials.
I went thru all the R3F and Nvil tutorials and found out that several functionalities are hardly covered... when they are.
So I decided to write a few tutorials that I call "The Missing Tutorials".
They will be useful for me as a reminder (as I had hard time to figure out how some of these tools are working), but should also be useful to others including Nvil users.

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Rocket3F Soccer Ball

This is a small subdivision modeling tutorial on how to make a soccerball in R3F.
No text. Only screenshots with comments.

R3F Soccerball

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No luck... you're positive!

No luck... you're positive!

3Dbuilder Pros & Cons

I love SketchUp and use it for most of my 3D projects.
But there are tasks that I prefer to do in some other softwares.
Microsoft's 3Dbuilder is one that I use very often.


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Screaming Hand 3D sculpture V2

Almost 7 years ago I published my first version of the "Sceaming hand" Santa Cruz's emblematic design.
And honestly when I look back at it I think it doesn't deserve the more than 250 likes I received on Thingiverse (at the time of writing).
It's now time to make a better one...

Screaming Hand V2

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Printing "Christ Unlimited" (makkink of)

This is another post about printing something BIG.
By "BIG" here I mean a long print time and how it can drastically be reduced by having a good print strategy.
Or how a 12h print can be reduced down to 7h without any compromise on print quality.

Christ Unlimited

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