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Happy birthday !

My friend Cedric had his 40th birthday party yesterday.
I decided to offer him a 3D sculpture of himself when he was 30.

And here is how I did it...

Cedric 3D sculpture

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Joyeux Noël !

Mon anarvatar et moi vous souhaitons un JOYEUX NOEL !

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!

Весела Коледа и щастлива година на всички!

Joyeux Noël !

Pas de Noël sans cadeau.

Aussi je vous offre mon logo Spacymen en 3D, prêt pour l'impression.
Mais attention ! C'est un objet assez "délicat" à imprimer à cause des parois relativement fines et des très petites surfaces en contact avec le plateau.
Je vous ai cependant facilité la tâche en y incluant des supports (en forme d’œuf) facilement détachables.

Votre cadeau vous attend sur Thingiverse.

Всичко хубаво!

Packing optimization for laser cutting

Packing optimization

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Long time... No post... New love

I know that I don't publish much these days (months... year).
Because most of the time I have nothing to say or just nothing enough exciting to share (IMHO). Or just because (and most probably) because I'm just too lazy to publish my experiments...

But then I felt in love !
And my new lover's name is Neobarok...

Cosmic Debrit

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Jurassic park - Reviving a BfB3000

A few time ago I've been given an old 3D printer.
This dinosaur is a double-head BfB3000 from Bitsfrombytes.

Let's see if I can revive it...BfB3000

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Check your Gcode before to print

I recently found a very usefull tool on Thingiverse that lets you check your Gcode file before sending it to the printer.

So I decided to give it a try...GCodeSimulator

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Having fun with Meshmixer and Sculptris

Yesterday I had some little spare time between two projects so I decided to train myself at using Meshmixer and Sculptris.
I had no precise idea of what to do before I reminded a famous René Magritte painting from 1934 that would be a perfect subject for Meshmixer.
Along with a bit of Sculptris, I thought it should be possible to achieve a good result in a short time.

In just as little as 3 hours of time I had a new sculpture ready to be printed...


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Right hand CAD data (WIP)

I know that quiet a few people are waiting for the hand to be released as CAD data.
I received several personal mails asking me when it will be made available.
The answer is "I don't know...".

But for sure it's on its way.


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New year giveaway designs

In the last years I made several designs that I never published or shared.

To start this new year 2014 I decided to share them with you... Happy printing !


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Nouvelle année et robot ancien

Bonne Année à tous !

Happy New Year to everyone !

Честита нова година на всички !

Nous avons passé la soirée de réveillon chez mon pote Looping qui, lors de fouilles archéologiques, a découvert ce qui pourrait bien être l'ancêtre de Eugène et de InMoov.

L'âge du robot n'a pas encore pu être déterminé, mais les analyses de ses restes sont en cours afin d'établir une datation au carbone 14.


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