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The art of recycling print failures

Rapid prototyping often means "trials and errors" because you usually don't end up with the exact part you need right at the first time.
It might depend on the design itself that isn't perfect and needs adjustments, or on some failures that might happen during the printing process (printer failures or material dependent failures) such as :

  • warping
  • delaminating
  • burns
  • filament sleepering or breaking
  • power cut
  • etc.

If like me you feel concerned about our planet and its pollution (and you should), you're probably keeping all your print failures somewhere, waiting for the emergence of a reliable recycling machine that could make new filament rolls out of your waste.

Or you could just use your imagination and artistic skills to produce unique 3D printing art...

CMYK 19X27

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Since a few years I have a legendary KORN & MACWAY SERVO-SOUND Cybernetic preamplifier with its 2 active speakers.
But unfortunately I only own one of the 2 proprietary cables so I'm unable to listen to it (or only on 1 of the 2 speakers).
And these cables are nearly impossible to find (I've been searching a lot and never found one).

So I decided to make another one by myself...

Servo-sound connection

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Photogrammetry tests

I performed a lot of tests in the past with the available free or open-source photogrammetry solutions available.
And yesterday I tested the new Regard3D version so I think it's time to show you these "never published" tests.

MVE comparison

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Photogrammetry made simple

It's been a while since I wanted to write something about the photogrammetry solutions and pipelines that I've been testing.

Here is an attempt to cover this vast subject and try making it understandable and easy to follow for everyone...

Photogrammetry softwares

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Bulgarian souvenirs

I recently modeled a few things from my last 3 months trip to Bulgaria.
I hope you will like them...

Peyo Yavorov 3D sculpture

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Laser cut business card

Having access to a laser cutting/engraving machine, I decided to use it to design myself a new business card.

Business card (folded)

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Happy birthday !

My friend Cedric had his 40th birthday party yesterday.
I decided to offer him a 3D sculpture of himself when he was 30.

And here is how I did it...

Cedric 3D sculpture

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Joyeux Noël !

Mon anarvatar et moi vous souhaitons un JOYEUX NOEL !

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!

Весела Коледа и щастлива година на всички!

Joyeux Noël !

Pas de Noël sans cadeau.

Aussi je vous offre mon logo Spacymen en 3D, prêt pour l'impression.
Mais attention ! C'est un objet assez "délicat" à imprimer à cause des parois relativement fines et des très petites surfaces en contact avec le plateau.
Je vous ai cependant facilité la tâche en y incluant des supports (en forme d’œuf) facilement détachables.

Votre cadeau vous attend sur Thingiverse.

Et pour ceux qui peuvent se le permettre, une version déclinée en boucle d'oreille est disponible.

Всичко хубаво!

Packing optimization for laser cutting

Packing optimization

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Long time... No post... New love

I know that I don't publish much these days (months... year).
Because most of the time I have nothing to say or just nothing enough exciting to share (IMHO). Or just because (and most probably) because I'm just too lazy to publish my experiments...

But then I felt in love !
And my new lover's name is Neobarok...

Cosmic Debrit

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